Sacred Space Mastermind

Come join a Mastermind group of powerful, heart-centered entrepreneurs as we explore how to consciously co-create what you want in your business and your life.

"No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind [the master mind]." - Napoleon Hill

It's a great way to:

•Share ideas and resources
•Receive encouragement and acknowledgement of your success
•Make sense out of perceived failures
•Offer and receive support for any personal and/or professional challenges
•Provide clarity on what blocks you from financial success
•Tap into your creative potential
•Be held accountable for changes and commitments in your personal or professional life
•Form marketing alliances

What you'll get over three months:

  • ONE 4-HOUR IN-PERSON LAUNCH MEETING where we will set our goals, chart our course, and firmly commit to one another (out-of-town participants can join via Zoom)
  • FIVE 1-1/2 to 2-HOUR ZOOM VIDEO CALLS with all participants to include:

- Opportunity for Hot Seats where you will receive input and assistance from the group
- Individual check-ins on each call to keep the group informed of your progress and to serve as accountability
- Celebration of a-ha's and successes
- Teachings on each group call addressing common struggles the group is experiencing

  • ONE-ON-ONE CHECK-IN CALLS WITH ME on weeks where there is no group call to make sure you're on track and to see if I can support you in any way

This IS for you if:

•You are ready to make lasting changes and are willing to do the work
•You embrace our "oneness" with a universal energy and each other
•You desire share resources and expertise for the betterment of all

This is NOT for you if:

•You expect someone else to "fix" you or your business
•You're not willing to be completely honest, open and transparent
•You think you're stuck because of external conditions

Schedule a complimentary Strategy Session today so you can get started right away! Space is limited to 6 participants

Wow. Sacred Space Mastermind has been a fabulous experience. Doralee's firm but gentle approach holds me accountable at the same time as giving me space to modify my goals as I gain clarity. I've met wonderful women who are supportive but who also challenge me when they see a pattern, I may be stuck in. Our first meeting created instant connection and rapport which has continued through all our Zoom calls. Doralee creates a safe space for our conversations and her knowledge and experience with personal development has given me a container in which to grow and thrive. I did a number of different programs before I found Sacred Space Mastermind; none of them provided the level of support and collaborative spirit I've found working with Doralee. One of the great blessings in my life!

Joni L. Miller, Ph.D. Spiritual Geography, LLC

Thanks to Doralee Billings and my fellow female entrepreneurs in my Sacred Space Mastermind group, I was able to dig myself out of a mid‐life crisis and figure out where my passion lies and what I want to be when I grow up. I created a 3-year plan which will bring me a number of income streams in the process, which is possible thanks to the accountability and support I've received. Doralee's structure, leadership and guidance brought us together in such a way that we all decided to sign up for a second round.

Mary Jo Richards, President and Chief Talent Consultant, MJ Executive Consulting LLC

I am in the middle of my second Mastermind Group with Doralee. This group and Doralee have been pivotal in my company's huge leap forward. The accountability and strategic process made me concentrate on where I wanted to go and plan how to get there. We all know what we should be doing, but taking the time to plan it and execute it is a much easier process with Doralee and Sacred Space Mastermind Group. And it's not just for your business life. I have created such amazing new chapters in my life, just by daring to write it down and make it happen. If you want to create magic in any area of your life, you need to work with Doralee.

Karen Pitsley, AIA Transforming Architecture

Sacred Space Mastermind is something I needed in my life and business desperately. I needed a business building mastermind that was not only going to be a resource of creative thinkers coming together accomplishing goals. I needed for us to get to the depth of the big why. Why am I doing this business? What is my deepest desire I wanted my business to express and what is currently getting in my way of bringing that into manifestation? These questions create the energy, support, and accountability of The Scared Space Mastermind for me. There is no one else on this planet that could bring that energy to life better than Doralee Billings. Doralee is that energy. She is a beautiful blend of compassion and creativity mixed with tried and true business expertise tied in a bow of authentic support.

I have grown my business, paid off debt and have gotten very clear about what's important to my soul while being on this journey with The Sacred Mastermind and Doralee Billings.

What a blessing!